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Welcome to iBenz.co.uk your first port of call when looking for a used or secondhand Mercedes Benz in the UK.

Mercedes Benz cars are among some of the finest most well built cars ever produced, with models such as the C Class, E class and SL being produced for more years than most of us have been alive. Famed for their longevity, strong and clever mechanics Mercedes Benz are one of the more well known car manufacturers in existance.

Finding a Secondhand Mercedes..

Finding a secondhand Mecedes Benz however can be a trivial job and with so much choice on the internet and in local medias its sometimes difficult to know where to turn first, which publication to favour over another and which car to pick.

To this vane we have built iBenz, bringing you one step closer to all of the different car sellers, bridging the gap and taking all of the difficulties of checking lots of different auto/car websites out and finding a good deal.


iBenz - Making it easy..

Our site provides you with our run down of each model (shown on the left hand menu) along with all of the current auctions and classifieds for that specific model currently on uk car websites. Saving you the hassle of checking multiple sites and helping you to make an informed decision on the best car for you!

You have made the right choice by choosing a Mercedes Benz, a second good choice by choosing iBenz.co.uk, now let us help you with your third choice - where to buy your next Mercedes Benz Car or Van!


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